About us

Starting its operations in textile industry in 2002, Spinteks ,has added manufacturing and trade of various technical textile products since 2007. When PAN based carbon fiber production started in Turkey in 2009, Spinteks initiated preliminary studies regarding carbon fiber woven fabric and commissioned its first woven fabric line in 2011. Since the day it was founded, Spinteks has grown gradually and reached the highest production capacity of the country, and it still improves its investment in innovative, potential and high technology composite textiles and implements its plans. It will continue to be the model firm of the industry with its inquisitive, innovative and sustainable standard quality understanding

Spinteks, provides services with its carbon, basalt and hybrid fabrics to composite sector domestically as well as composite parts manufacturing, defense industry, automotive, health, sports and construction and it also uses domestic and foreign products of carbon fibers. Spinteks exports much of its production and also engages in sales and marketing of infinite filament roving and chopped fiber forms of Basalt fiber in Turkey which is used in composite textile items together with carbon and glass fibers

It is a solution oriented textile technology company producing glass, basalt and carbon fibers which are the high performance products of our time.